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Tempe St. Luke's Hospital

Tempe St. Luke's Hospital


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At Tempe St. Luke's Hospital, our goal is to help patients have a safe and positive hospital experience. We've put many safety measures in place to reduce falls, allergic reactions, infections, equipment malfunctions and medication errors. Still, there are some risks possible with any visit to a hospital. We believe that when patients and hospitals work together, we can lower the risk of accidents and improve the safety for all involved. Research shows that patients who are more involved with their care tend to get better results. Communication with your health care providers is extremely important. Make sure you understand all aspects of your care, including tests, procedures, medications and other instructions regarding your medical condition. Speak up if you have questions and expect answers you can understand. You have the right to be well informed about the care you are receiving. Here are some topics you should discuss with your health care providers to help make your hospital stay as safe as possible: Allergies; of any medications you are currently taking; all questions you have pertaining to medications (the dosage, directions for use, refills, storage, expiration, and what to do about missed dosages), treatment or tests during your hospital stay; and about any instructions you are given when leaving for home, including recommended or limited activities, scheduling follow-up appointments and what medications you need to take.

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