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Tempe Chamber Women in Business Council Defines Core Values

Tempe Chamber Women in Business Council Defines Core Values

The Women in Business (WIB) Council is an essential part of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce. Its purpose is to foster the growth and success of women in business through ongoing personal and professional development, in order to improve Tempe businesses and the community. 

The council coordinates several programs throughout the year including the Mentorship Program, Leadership Speaker Series, and Leadership Conference. We also select a Business Woman of the Year and Charity of the Year annually. 

During the August 2021-22 kickoff meeting the council brainstormed theme ideas for the fiscal year. Vice Chair, Alison Stine suggested defining core values for the council. 

With the guidance of Brian Stinson of the PEAK Fleet, the Core Values process started in October 2021. After a series of working sessions, the subcommittee brought their progress back to the council each month. Out of the dozens of historical and aspirational words, the council decided on Growth, Collaboration, and Service as the WIB Core Values.. 

The process then turned to defining what each word meant for the WIB Council. 

Growth: We create opportunities for personal and professional development. 

Collaboration: We cultivate relationships and facilitate inclusivity. 

Service: We are in service to ourselves, each other, and the community. 

Subcommittee member Karen Nowicki was instrumental in putting the final touch on the core values by adding the phrase “WIB values Inclusive Leadership!” 

The newly created Values will be incorporated into each area of programming that the WIB coordinates. They will provide structure and facilitate an inclusive council for both women and men. 

● The values will be included in each WIB Council meeting to help welcome new attendees. 

● The values will be used when selecting upcoming mentors, proteges, speakers, and even the Business Woman of the Year. 

● The values will be used when selecting annual themes, charity of the year, and integrated into the Leadership Conference. 

“When team members see and feel alignment between their personal values and those of the team, they are more engaged. High engagement leads to increased levels of productivity, quality, innovation, safety and retention. Who doesn’t want that?” Brian Stinson Value of Values workshop

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